OS Pegasus FF-320


The only 4 cylinder, 4 cycle model aircraft engine in production.


peg1.jpg (155852 bytes)       peg2.jpg (166903 bytes)

These are the engines that are destined to be the power for a twin that is in the future. Both will sport an onboard starter and glo system.

Displacement: 0.809 cu in (13.3 cc) x 4
Bore: 1.091 in (28 mm)
Stroke: 0.866 in (22 mm)
RPM: 1,800-8,500
Output: 4.1 bhp (ps) @ 8,000
Weight: 77.3 oz (2,190 g)
Recommended Props: 18x10-14, 20x8-10, 22x8


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