OS Wankels

A .30 size True Rotary engine made for the R/C modeler.


wankel1.jpg (90905 bytes)     wankel2.jpg (69808 bytes)

Above are the newer model of the engines. Below is the earlier version of the engines. I have 2 of each which will be used to power the P-38 Lightning, B25 Mitchell, and the Douglas DC-3. Later they will also find a home occasionally on the B-17 flying Fortress. That should sound awesome. I guess I'll just have to swap them around and since they are small and compact, that should not be a problem

wankel4.jpg (79886 bytes)

And here they are in a group!

wankel3.jpg (95243 bytes)

Displacement: 0.303 cu in (5.0 cc)
Practical rpm: 2,500-18,000
Output: 1.27 bhp(ps)/17,000 rpm
Weight: 11.8 oz (335 g)

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