My ride in the B-17, Nine-O-Nine.

November 10, 2002
7:30 AM
Overcast Skies

Yet none of this stopped me from making the early morning drive to take a ride in the Collings Foundation's B-17 Flying Fortress. There is a lot of History behind this old bird yet she still lumbers into the sky on a daily basis visiting airshows all over and give people the rare chance to take a ride under far more friendly circumstances than the young men did during the war to give us the freedom we enjoy today. It was a great experience and my thanks go to everyone involved in keeping this warbird in the air. Here are a few pictures from the flight. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the flight.


What a convertible!! Head out the top at about 175 MPH

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
Wingspan 103 feet, 9.3 inches
Length 74 feet, 9 inches
Height 19 feet, 1 inch
Empty weight 36,135 pounds
Max. weight 72,000 pounds
Powerplants Four 1200 hp
Wright R-1820-97 Engines
Armament 13 M2 50" Browning
Machine Guns
Crew 10
Performance Max Speed: 250 mph
Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft
Range: 2,400 miles



Best seat in the house. In the nose at 1500' above the lake.