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P-51D Mustang

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The Bud Nosen P-51 D Mustang with it's massive 102 inch wingspan is one that I have wanted for a long time. I've actually started two of these kits but sold them both before getting any where near finishing. If you have never seen a forest of balsa wood, you should take a look at one of these still in kit form and you will have a pretty good idea what a real forest of balsa looks like. There is a whole lot of wood in the box this bird comes in. I currently have one in kit form that maybe one day will get built. This one is powered by a Zenoah G62. Century retracts are installed although the tail wheel doesn't retract. That is actually Amber behind the wing in the picture of it standing on the nose which will give you an idea just how large this plane really is. I'll probably fly it like this for a while before recovering it in a color that will more closely resemble what it really is, a Warbird!

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