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Byron Originals Glasair TD

A scale plane of a popular homebuilt airplane, the Byron Glasair is quick in the air and keeps the pilot on their toes. To slow on landing and a snap is pretty much a guarantee. This one is powered by a Quadra 52 with a 3" prop shaft extension so that the cowl could remain mostly intact. I have a B&B Smoke system installed just for fun. Wingspan comes in at 90" with a length of 75". Weight on my bird is around 22 lbs with the larger engine and smoke system. Byron also made a retractable version of this kit. They consider these to be 30 % scale. This one is due a little TLC and a few repairs that are normal to a taildragger airplane. Seems the wingtips take a beating so plans for that are in the works. It will get a fresh paint job once all the nicks are taken out and the covering is spruced up a bit. Paint Scheme will probably go back in the traditional Glasair white with the stripe pattern shown on the plans, however something may cause me to change my mind when the time comes and do something completely different. Right now........ it's just plain fun to tear up the skies leaving smoke trails to show where I've been!

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, this plane now resides on the "OOPS" Page


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