Mustang's Galore

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Here they are. Five Byron Mustangs all together, although not all finished. In the front from left to right is "Crazy Horse", and "Broomhilda" which are both ready to fly. In the back are three in re-construction stages. The one to the far left is having some repair work from a rough landing that cracked the glass just in front of the wing. The repairs are about done and final sanding is taking place to prepare for paint. I'm thinking about the "Flying Undertaker" scheme for this one. In the center is the only "old version" of the Mustang I have. It has a one piece wing instead of the plug in panels. It is at the ready for paint stage now and will sport the paint of "Angels Playmate" once it is done. The owner of the real one lives close by and I hope to be able to get really close detail shots of this one. The one on the right is the only one that has never been completed and is about 85% done now. This one will be done as "Paul IV" when finished. It is also the only one that doesn't sport the Byron Reduction system. It is built around a Zenoah G-62 with a PurrPow'r system. All have retractable gear with sequencing gear doors. One day I hope to see all of these flying a tight formation low pass which should be an awesome sight and sound. Once finished, all I'll need is some really good pilots to help out.

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