Nosen Citabria

It's finally here!!



Recently having a home on the projects page, this Nosen Citabria has now moved to the Hangar. With a span of 105 inches this plane comes in weighing almost 22 lbs. The extra weight is a result of the OS Pegasus FF320 engine that is tucked under the cowl. Maybe I should phrase that a little differently and say "Cramed" under the cowl because it also has an onboard starter system on top to the four cylinders and  includes an onboard glow drive to keep the fires burning in the cylinders.. I'm sure this is more power than is needed but then it is a lot easier to throttle back than it is to beg for more horsepower. Covered in monokote with all the trim done in monokote also, it was a tough job but turned out nice. Hopefully it will be in the air soon and I'll have an update on the performance then.


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