Sig 1/3 Scale Spacewalker

The Sig Spacewalker, designed after the full scale homebuilt  by Jesse Anglin of Hendersonville, North Carolina which was first flown in 1986! This one is done in the classic color scheme bearing yellow with red accents. Powered by an OS BGX 3500 this one will be a nice flyer. It's covered in fabric, and includes nav lights in the wingtips and tail as seen in the last two pictures. Wingspan on this bird is 104" with a length of 72" and weighing in at approximately 20 lbs. The wing is three pieces and comes apart easily for transport. Even though it looks like something from the early days of aviation, it's actually a plane from today. Very nice Sunday afternoon flyer that reminds me of my J-3 Cub, slow and gentle.


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