Top Flite Gold Edition Cessna 182

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Top Flites IMAA Legal 81" span model of the famous Cessna 182. This one is decked out with functioning navigational lights, including wingtip, tail and a rotating beacon light on top of the vertical fin. It also includes dual landing lights in the cowl that come on when the flaps are lowered for landing. A scale interior kit finishes out the interior of the plane to hide all of the unsightly wires and battery packs that operate the lighting and radio systems. The switch for the light system is operated by the scale ADF antenna on the belly of the plane . Powered by a Super Tigre 75 with an in-cowl muffler to retain the scale outline and keep it all hidden under the cowl. With a length of 64 inches and weighing in at a tad over 11 lbs., this is a nice flying plane that slows very nicely for landing. No bad habits and a blast to fly on a leisure Sunday afternoon. There won't be any regrets if you decide to build this plane.

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