Top Flite P-51 Mustangs


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Two Top Flite Gold P-51 Mustangs have a home in my hangar. One is the fun plane and has had it's share of mishaps so I tend to not try and keep it sparkling. I picked this one up nearly finished but it was covered in Coverite cloth so I never could get the paint to work out right. I just decided to leave it as a bum around plane. Powered by an OS Max FS 120 Surpass with pump, it was my first 4 cycle venture. Swinging a 4 blade prop it sounds awesome in the air and has plenty of speed although it does tend to load the engine in a hard climb. The second Mustang is done in the "Big Beautiful Doll" scheme and is glassed and painted. it is powered by a YS 120 and has plenty of power. A spectacular sight to look at in a low clean flyby. Both planes have working flaps and retractable landing gear. Spanning 65 inches and weighing 9 and 10 lbs respectively, both are a joy to fly. One thing to look out for with these birds are the landings. The gear mounts are a weak point to look out for and a slightly bad landing could rip the gear from the wing. A suggestion is to really beef up that area if you are building one for yourself and not go by the instructions on that one area.

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