Lockheed C-130 Hercules Detail


c130_3.jpg (106308 bytes)

Fully functional Fowler Flaps in the retracted position. These are not simulated Fowler flaps but the real working ones just like on the real bird.

c130_4.jpg (109299 bytes)

Here is a shot of the Flaps in the extended position. As they are lowered, they also slide rearward in a two slot plywood bracket

c130_5.jpg (86812 bytes)

A close up shot of the Flap hinge bracket.


c130_6.jpg (67945 bytes)

The Retract mechanics that lift the wheel assembly straight up to be scale. This is really a piece of work.

c130_7.jpg (76583 bytes)

A close up shot of the gear in the retracted position. Gear doors are almost finished so the next step will be the linkage to make them close with the gear.

c130_8.jpg (86111 bytes)

A shot of the mains with the  gear in the lowered position

c130_9.jpg (113795 bytes)

The twin nose gear with the gear door attached. Still a little tweaking to be done here to get it to close properly.

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