Finally put back on the front burner, this Bud Nosen Cessna 310 is back on the bench and progress has been made toward it's completion. The plane was originally built with fixed gear by a previous owner and I have completed the replacement of that with Robart retractable gear and it now is sitting on it's new legs. This was a very major operation and the more I opened up, the more I found that I just didn't like. I finally ended up opening up almost 50% of the bottom of the wing to replace parts that I deemed weak. I now have a wing that is built solid and feel good about the strength that I have built in. The center throttle servo will be replaced with one in each nacell and all wiring in the wing to the outboard servos has been replaced. The OS 120 4 cycle twin cylinder opposed engines have been test fitted and the plane is in the final stages of sanding to prepare for new finish. Next on the list is the gear doors, refitting of all control surfaces, electronics installation, and final touches for finish. I also still have a major task of cabin glass replacement since there was none installed when it arrived to me. Keep checking back for future updates.