Born in 1961 and brought up right here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Aviation has always been the single desire buried deep within me. Mom always told me my first word was airplane instead of the usual “mommy” or “daddy”. Trips into town usually earned me a toy airplane of some sort. My first real model airplane was a Cox F4U Corsair that lasted about one and a half circles around the place where I stood. I had no one to teach me to fly so everything was a learning experience for me. My flying career had come to a sudden halt but that one trip around had put the urge for more in me that would never leave.



Several years later, a hobby shop opened near where I lived and one Sunday while riding around, we stopped in. Everything was control line but to me it was an airplanes so it didn’t much matter. One of the guys at the flying field saw me hanging out of the window and walked over to introduce himself. We talked for a few minutes and he asked “You want’a go fly a plane”. Well he didn’t have to ask twice. He took me out and helped me learn to fly that afternoon. From that day on, Sunday afternoons were pretty much planned for me as I wanted to be there as much as I could. I finally did manage to get my own plane and flew that for the next 3 years. From there it went on to radio control and then the real planes. I hold a commercial pilots certificate and certified flight instructor with an instrument rating for both single and multi-engine aircraft. As for my models, there are more than 27 (plus or minus) kits still new in the box and close 20 or so either finished and flying or at various stages of building. I also have one helicopter although I haven’t mastered that yet.


            I have a wonderful daughter, Amber, who is the most important part of my life. You will see her as you browse the site. I’ve got her on the controls flying some now but she is more into the cars at this point. Hopefully she will grow into the planes as I need a partner to fly formation with my Mustangs, but for now, spending time together is most important. She enjoys retrieving the planes and helping me in the start and run up part. She already has her own plane and will make it one day to be a great pilot.


        I am currently employed as a network engineer at Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. I've been with the company since June of 1999. Prior to that, I was a fleet manager at at local baking company for 11 years. This new line of work keeps me pretty busy but I enjoy every minute of it. I also own a small computer business and do some contract work on the side for a local school district. Spare time hobbies? You guessed it, aviation.


            Browse as long as you like and if anything sparks a question, feel free to drop me an email to ask . Come back soon to see the changes and new models as I add them to the R/C side of Life.



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