The RC side of my life!


Here are a few pages that show you
what I have acquired over the
last several years.


The Hangar

Drop in and see
just what planes
I have ready to fly




See what happens
when airspeed and
altitude abruptly
reach zero at the
same time



Where you can see
what is on the
table in various
stages of

    4 Wheel'n

Just got'ta have
something to do
when the wind's


Water Funn

Sometimes looking
skyward gets old
so why not look to
the water?


Who said wings
couldn't move??

  Feathered Friends

Meet my fine
feathered friends. Told you I was a nut
about anything
that flies!!


Preferred Vendors
page. Got one to add, drop me an email!


Everything has to
have some sort
of power....right?


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