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PLANE TYPE: 1/4 scale, low-wing, civilian
CONSTRUCTION: Built-up, all wood, optional flaps
SPECIFICATIONS: 86" wingspan, 2-3 ci engine, 19 lbs

Sig Morrisey Bravo

This one is framed up and almost ready for the covering to begin. It's built with removable tail feathers to aid in transporting. Power will come from a Zenoah G45 and I plan on a using a cream and light blue color scheme. This is one of four large scale projects on the building board. 


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PLANE TYPE: 1/6 scale, low wing civilian twin engine
CONSTRUCTION: Built-up, all wood, optional flaps
SPECIFICATIONS: 70.5" wingspan, 51" length, 10 lbs, twin .25 - .35 size engines 

Royal Beechcraft Baron

A project that I picked up a while back that was in really bad shape. It has taken a huge amount of work to get it to this stage. It's sitting on the back burner right now due to the fact that I got burned out with all the work that took place. Hopefully soon I will get the desire to start back on it. Covering will be white with maroon stripes trimmed in gold. Power is two OS LA 40 engines with pitts mufflers. Retracts have Robart Robostruts and will have functioning inner and outer gear doors

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PLANE TYPE: 1/7 scale World War II era Military
CONSTRUCTION: Built-up, all wood, optional flaps
SPECIFICATIONS: 62" wingspan, 48.5" length, 8 lbs, 60 - 90 size engine

Top Flite F4U Corsair

This Gold Edition F4U Corsair is ready to have the retracts installed. Originally built without them, I wanted to change that. Besides, what is a warbird with the wheels hanging out anyway. The fuselage is covered and the wing is  being worked on. It includes working flaps which are a real chore due to the complex linkage involved in the gull wing and three piece flap system. I'm thinking hard about installing working gear doors on this one also. Power will come from an OS Max 120 Surpass.


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PLANE TYPE: World War II era Military Fighter
CONSTRUCTION: Built-up, all wood, optional flaps
SPECIFICATIONS: 63" wingspan, 51" length, 8.5 lbs, 60 - 90 size engine

Royal Zero?

I'm not sure which kit this is of the Zero. This one came to me as it is seen here and I haven't done any work to it at all. There are no plans or instructions so I'm on my own with it. It was built with retracts but no flaps which I may change. Someday this will become an interesting project that will hopefully turn out to be a nice end product.

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PLANE TYPE: Standoff scale, low wing civilian
CONSTRUCTION: Built-up, all wood
SPECIFICATIONS: 60" wingspan, 46" length, 6 lbs, 35 - 45 size engine

Great Planes
Cherokee 140

Another project that came to me as seen. I hope to finish this one after the full size Piper PA-28 Cherokee 140 that I owned back in 1990. I have quite a few hours logged in that plane, N140AC, and enjoyed every minute of it. Times in my life I will always remember.

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  Progress Report

MANUFACTURER: A&A Industries, Bud Nosen
PLANE TYPE: Low Wing Civilian Twin
CONSTRUCTION: Built up, all wood
SPECIFICATIONS: 120" wingspan, 80" length, weight "?" 60 - 90 size engines X2
Bud Nosen
Cessna 310Q

This project is well on it's way. I have almost 95% of the old covering off and the wings cut out to install retracts. It was originally built with fixed gear but that will change. I plan on fiberglassing the entire plane in lightweight cloth and using paint as a finish. Power will come from the 2 OS 120 Gemini twins seen on the engine page.

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PLANE TYPE: World War II era Military Bomber
CONSTRUCTION: Fiberglass fuselage, balsa sheeted foam wings, balsa built up tail components.
SPECIFICATIONS: 100" wingspan, 80" length, weight "?" 25 - 35 size engines X4
Bomber Boy's B-24 Liberator

This is a tough one. What you see in the pictures is what I received plus the clear canopy and turret parts. There are some simple plans but I'll be pretty much on my own. This should prove to be a very interesting project with a lot of  "flying by the seat of my pants" building. Guesswork will play a huge part in this one. I guess I'll have to get some ideas from the Stafford kit I have.


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MANUFACTURER: Hostetler Plans
PLANE TYPE: Composite Homebuilt
CONSTRUCTION: Built up, all wood
SPECIFICATIONS: 100" wingspan, 82.8" length, 24 - 26 lbs. weight, 45 - 62cc gas engine

Hostetler Lancair IV

Another project joins the ranks, this one being the Hostetler Lancair IV. Arriving to me about 70% done it still needs quite a bit of work. Work done looks great and the fancy landing gear has already been mounted. All in due time, this one will join the hangar.

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Take a trip back in history and learn a little about the Howard DGA-15, "Mister Mulligan"

Progress Report

MANUFACTURER: A&A Industries Bud Nosen
PLANE TYPE: 1/4 scale 1930's era racer
CONSTRUCTION: Built up all wood
SPECIFICATIONS: 108" wingspan, 73" length, 15 lbs. weight, .90 up engine

    Bud Nosen     Mr. Mulligan

The second of the package, this one came with no wings. I've picked up a set of plans and will build them from scratch. Both of these planes have some of the best and most precise building I have ever run across when buying unfinished projects. This one will be done as the original was in all white.

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Some facts on the OV-10 Bronco

MANUFACTURER: Scratch Built from plans
PLANE TYPE: Multi-mission aircraft used heavily by the military 
CONSTRUCTION: Built up all wood
SPECIFICATIONS: 80" wingspan, 79" length, 15 lbs. weight, .two 60 size engines

OV-10 Bronco

I walked past this project all day long at the Perry swap meet and it just kept drawing me back to look. The interest and excitement finally got the best of me and I decided I just had to have it. It came with 2 Tigre 61 engines, no plans, and no extra parts to finish it with. I plan to finish it in the solid black scheme. It will be a challenge but an exciting project.

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Details page

MANUFACTURER: Built from Palmer Plans
PLANE TYPE: Military Cargo
CONSTRUCTION: Built up all wood. Kit cut from plans by Precision Kit Cutters
SPECIFICATIONS: 87" wingspan, 64" length, 11 lbs. weight, .four 28 size engines
Lockheed C-130H Hercules

What a mass of sticks! This one built from Palmer plans with a few minor modifications around the wing area. There is still a lot to do here but one day it will be a great scale product. There are quite a few details so I have a page of close shots listed so you can get a better view.

MANUFACTURER: Yellow Aircraft
PLANE TYPE: Military Fighter
CONSTRUCTION: Fiberglass, foam, hardwood, and balsa
SPECIFICATIONS: 43.5" wingspan, 68" length, 11-13 lbs. (0 size ducted fan engine with a 5.25" tractor fan unit
  F-4E Phantom II

This ones in first primer stages and still needs all of the internal duct work to be completed. It came with an OS 65 engine that has been specially modified for extra power although I'm not sure if I will actually use that engine. This one I plan to do in the black playboy bunny scheme when the times arrives.


 Please check back soon to see what is in the works and on the table.


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