Due to many, many request for a progress report "with" pictures, I decided to pull
out the old digital camera and snap a few shots to show where it's at in the
building process now. If there are any questions, drop me an email. Hope to have it
in paint real soon!!



It's just about ready for final fabric tightening, seam sealing very light sanding and then primer. The radio equipment is all mounted with pull-pull on the rudder and a single fiber pushrod for the elevator split by a coupling at the rear. I modified the plans slightly to install a door behind the cabin rear wall for access to the servos. These had to be move back to help get some weight from the nose. The battery packs for both the radio and the McDaniel onboard glow
unit will also mount in the rear. Windows and windshield are now being cut and put in place for final fitting. The front windshield was tough because there was no template for it on the planes so I was totally on my own in making something that would even begin to fit. The firewall was also not built to plans as they do call for a box to be built moving the engine mounting plate forward. This caused even more nose weight and also made the OS radial stick too far forward. I did away with that extension and mounted the engine directly to the firewall. Things came out just right. There is 6.25 inches from the firewall to the prop hub on the engine. A longer engine would cause even more modification here. Remember this kit was designed to fly with a good .60 size glow engine (yeah right) so they had to move the engine forward. I don't think a really, really good .60 would even taxi the plane on grass!! I'll try and post more as it gets closer to it's new home in the

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