The Engine Room

radial1.jpg (59865 bytes)

OS FR5-300

byrodr1.jpg (45800 bytes)


ft120_2.jpg (58826 bytes)

OS FT-120 Gemini

sach1.jpg (42421 bytes)

Sachs 4.2 Purr-Pwr

q50_1.jpg (51482 bytes)

Quadra 50 Purr-Pwr

peg1.jpg (155852 bytes)

OS FF-320 Pegasus

g38_1.jpg (67526 bytes)

Zenoah G-38

wankel1.jpg (90905 bytes)

OS Wankel

g62_1.jpg (49236 bytes)

Zenoah G-62

st30001.jpg (83457 bytes)

Super Tigre 3000


These are the engines that will one day take their place on the

nose, tail, or wing on one of the kits you see on this site. I'll add to these

at a later time!


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