The Fabulous Mustang


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My Pride and Joy!

Yes......... both of them, my daughter and my Byron's Mustang. The first four pictures were taken prior to the lettering being done so you will notice it is missing. The Mustang was done after the full scale Mustang, Crazy Horse, which I had the opportunity to fly and the story of that adventure can be read on this site also. This one is powered by the famous Byro-Drive reduction unit that Byron Original's designed especially for their Mustang to reproduce the large slow turning four blade prop the Mustang is famous for. I currently have five of these Mustangs in my stable, one which is still in new kit form, two that are in restoration from  mishaps or just hangar rash and age, and one that is about 85% complete and the one you see here.  Pictures of these will follow as they become available.

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