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  • The hangar: Here you will see pictures of models that I currently have in my hangar. The pictures on this page will link you to a page dedicated to each model with additional pictures of that model. Also a brief description of each. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on in and browse around. Take your time, nobodies watching and you can't break anything! :-)

  • All about Projects: This page is dedicated to what is on the building table\back burner. It consist of quit a few in various stages of completion. Sometimes we see something we just can't live without.

  • The Engine Room: Sort of like the hangar, this page shows some of the engines that are currently in my collection. Some rather interesting ones and each has it's own place on the nose of a kit in the future. All that is except the OS 5 cyl radial. Any suggestions?


  • Crazy Horse: So what's so crazy about a horse you ask? Well this isn't just any old horse! Read about my personal experience with one of the greatest horses I've ever had a chance to ride. It was simply the greatest and something I'll never forget.

  • The Movies: Here you will find a few movie clips taken from the day I rode the wild stallion. There is a streaming version and a downloadable version. Hang on to your gets an unusual attitude!

  • Hear a Mustang Flyby: The easiest to describe, just two words. Simply Awesome!!

  • What makes the noise: Sure wish I had one of these babies in my shop. But then of course, what good would it be without what's suppose to be behind it? Maybe Santa will be nice next year and bring me one!

  • Slideshow Tribute: A slideshow done to music as a tribute to my ride in Crazy Horse. It's a little lengthy to get started but well worth the wait. At least in my opinion it is. But then we all know about opinions, don't we? Guess you will have to see for yourself. Drag out the popcorn, sit back and enjoy. I sure did as I lived through each slide.


  • The links page: Every website has to have one. How else do you think we find all these neat sites out in the world of www? Here are my favorites and if you know of some I don't, please pass them along so I can share. Remember, sharing is what it's all about.

  • High Flight: Something that is dear to all pilots of today. If you haven't read it before, read it now. If you've read it before, read it again. There is also some history facts inside.

  • Marbles?? A whole new way to make use of the little tiny, shiny glass balls we used to play with as a kid. Step inside and see, it may open your eyes.

  • Something Different: See my feathered friends. Anything to do with flying and I got to have one or two and yes, sometimes even three. Any questions, feel free to ask.


  • Funn Stuff:  Everyone needs a little chuckle every now and then. This page will hopefully bring you a few. I add to it fairly often so stop back when things seem so down. A laugh may just make it all seem better. all the time, it makes people wonder what you're up to. Enjoy and don't complain when your cheeks hurt from grinning!!!  Oh and by the way. Have a funny clip? Drop it to me and I'll be sure to add it.


  • And finally: Yea, Yea..............quit wondering.  Here is what you may want to know. It's a little about me and what I do. I put this at the bottom cuz that's usually where I am, unless I'm occupying the dog house for bringing home "another" airplane. "But please, just one more"


Please check back. I'm always adding something.

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